DRAMeXchange continues to bring us very bad news regarding the production, availability and price of DRAM for 2018. According to the source, prices of DRAM will continue to rise significantly, which will directly affect the price of RAM modules, SSDs, graphics cards, laptops and a large list of components and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The DRAM market is essentially a three player game, with Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix controlling much of the industry supply. These three companies apparently adjusting memory production to a below level to maintain high prices in such huge demand.

“…  have opted to slow down their capacity expansions and technology migrations so that they can keep next year’s prices at the same high level as during this year’s second half. Doing so will also help them to sustain a strong profit margin.” said TrendForce, the parent company of DRAMeXchange.

A division of TrendForce, forecasts that the global DRAM supply for 2018 will show an annual bit growth of just 19.6% and this ratio is lower than the expected growth in demand, which is set at minimum 20.6%. This means that in 2018 the memory demanded by the market will not be supplied and we will see inflate prices.

Obviously, none of the cited companies are able to increase production overnight, entails opening new factories, buying machinery and a staff, but after years selling their memory chips at a price of laughter, they have now taken advantage of the pull of the smartphones that have adjusted the balance in their favor, so nothing better than taking the advantage and keep high prices to continue to generate a record revenues, a vengeance against brands that took advantage of buying memory at the lowest price possible before the boom of smartphones which now affects users directly.

Have any of you guys noticed a shift in SSD or RAM pricing this year?

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