Today there was a sad news for many players who are waiting for the upcoming title Dragon Ball Xenoverse from Namco Bandai as they delayed it for two more weeks and now the game will be available on Febuary 27, 2015.  But this news will become the happiest news for many players who just want to play this game for even some time. Today Dragon Ball Xenoverse demo is out! Not for home release, but it is playable at GameStop in North America.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Demo is accessible at GameStop

dragon ball xenoverse latest Screenshots


Also, don’t worry if your local GameStop does not have this game for now, it will be available later this week global after Kiosk will update their games list. The good news is that in this demo you can try as many as more than 16 characters, 11 are from the main story of Dragon Ball Z and 5 others are the customized one according to the game taste. The list of playable characters, including: Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Future Trunks, Vegeta, Nappa. Raditz, First Form Frieza, a custom Saiyan Male, custom Saiyan female, a Namekian, a custom Majin male, and a custom Majin female.

There isn’t any expression on when or if there will be a demo for home discharge on the Playstation Store or Xbox Marketplace at this point, however in the event that an affirmation is made. But there is any news related to this tag will come you will surely find it here.

Source: saiyanisland

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