Bandai Namco has released a picture showing the Dragon Ball Xenoverse game character races and their characteristics, every race is equipped with unique taste totally different from the other.

Southern Dream Palace Bandai Namco has released a picture showing the Dragon Ball Xenoverse player role choices of optional five races and their special powers. According to the official order from top to bottom arrangement, the five races are: Earthlings, Saiyans, Majin, Namekian and Frieza Clan. Each race has its own unique look and features, here are advantages and disadvantages.

 Dragon Ball Xenoverse: 5 Custom Breeds and their characteristics

Dragon Ball Xenoverse



Racial Characteristics: Ki Attack Operation (Technical force operations)

Humans/Earthlings have balanced offensive and defensive attributes, technical force with timed auto-reply, when technical force swell increase attack power.


Racial Characteristics: Combat Instinct

Saiyan health is low, but attacks are with higher power. When strength is reduced to less than 25% and If a Saiyan falls during battle and are revived by a teammate, all stats are raised. Saiyan was resurrected after being knocked down, all values ​​increase.

Men are more powerful in this race, means attacks. Females have higher recovery rates for ki and stamina gauges, but have less health. According to current information, this is the only race in the game which has the ability to transform.


Racial Characteristics: Endurance

High magic defense, but the response is slow. When stamina is at peak, less damage is received.  Males Majin has a high bar of life, but movements are very slow. Women Majin totally opposite.


Racial Characteristics: Recovery

The Namekian race power attack does damage at small level.  Health and stamina refills quickly and response time is also higher than other races in this game.

 *Frieza Clan

Racial Characteristics: Interference

Very fast, but power attack are not so powerful. When health is reduced to 50%, the speed increase. They can emit a special beam that paralyzes the opponent’s body and affect their actions.

In the game you can set the height of the players. The higher the height, the stronger the attack, but the lower the speed, and vice versa. The game represents the defense capability of endurance for the parry and dodge, when stamina runs out, the player will not be able to block or dodge.


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