The site Shonen Games has published a scanned picture of the Japanese magazine V-Jump, showing two of the eight characters that will soon be added to the cast of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

On the one hand we have Broly, a Saiyan survivor of the destruction of planet Vegeta. The name Broly is a play on words with vegetable broccoli, which even becomes a reference in the film when Master Roshi accidentally refers to him as “Broccoli” while intoxicated.

Bardock, is a lower class Saiyan and the head of the Bardock Squad. He is also Gine’s husband and the father of Goku and Raditz. Bardock is very similar to his son Goku, being one of the differences that Bardock has a scar on his face, equal to that of Yamcha. Wear a green combat armor, along with red shin guards and armbands, plus a green Tracker in his left eye. Later he would use a handkerchief on his forehead, which would be dyed red after soaking up Toma’s blood.

The V-Jump image shows the characters doing some of their movements, including the super of three bars in Broly’s case:

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