The upcoming Role playing action game, Dragon Age: Inquisition will be definitely bigger like other RPG games you might be thinking 40-50 hours Single player content, but no. The third game in the Dragon age franchise will have 200 hours of Single player content which include Side missions too, so get ready.

One of the things about RPG games are that the Side-missions are generally longer than the Main missions itself (take The Elder scrolls V Skyrim for example). So, if you are a gamer and looking forward to Dragon age 3 Inquisition and like games with short story then fear not. Because the Main missions are around 20 and 40 hours long. Now that length may be a bit longer for you, but what can we do now? Getting back to the topic which is the length of the single-player campaign, it seems like the side missions are around 150 hours (Goddamn this game is huge).

“We’re just making more. More and more and more,” said Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee. “And it’s all entirely up to the player. It’s your world, your game.”

Now, me as a gamer who loves long games, I am very excited. Dragon age Inquisition is developed for gamers who prefer long games now this is a gem for them. The previous titles are also long, but nothing compared to Dragon Age 3 Inquisition, Dragon age origins and Dragon age 2 combined are 60 hours long.

“People could burn through it and just do the main path, but we wanted to have a world that’s fully immersive and well-defined for you to explore, discover and get involved in,” Lee said. It certainly sounds like there’s going to be absolutely stacks of content to be getting on with Dragon Age: Inquisition arrives in November, and when you include the multiplayer mode this could have gamers playing for months to come.

Dragon age Inquisitions will release, it’s dragons on November 18th for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Xbox one and Xbox 360.