The Role playing action game, Dragon Age: Inquisition is definitely won lots of hearts with good graphics and story. The third game in the Dragon age franchise has 200 hours of Single player content which include Side missions too. But players who are playing this game on PC facing tactics camera problem as it’s not comfortable to use. Clearly, the director of Dragon Age 2, Mike Laidlaw, also claimed it with the Dragon Age Inquisition, but they still don’t come with a good fix.

The modders at forums Cheat Engine released a mod to enhance tactical camera so we can have a better handle on our characters and our surroundings to attack more effectively.

Besides presenting a better tactic camera, this mod also offers a scenic view, like the possibility about the camera-to those who want to show your Inquisitor in detail. But don’t use it in the multiplayer gaming as it could get the trouble for you -and that is basically a cheat.

A brief overview of table functionality:

  •  Change character stats: level, health, strength, attack, etc…
  •  Change inquisition stats: perks, power, shards, gold, etc…
  • Duplicate items in shop inventories (such as those you sell)
  • Infinite zoom script (zoom in closer, zoom out further, change tactical cam zoom level)

You can download the Cheat Engine from here and Table is on this link.

New tactical camera:

tactical camera view


Scene View:

Scene View


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