Surely, many players have pre-purchase Wolfenstein: The New Order and are waiting for promised multiplayer closed beta test of Doom. Today Bethesda opens a little window so that we can try something else, which also requires buying the MachineGames game, although it is likely that later, so anyone can prove.

Doom multiplayer closed alpha sign-ups now available


This time it is the closed alpha test of Doom multiplayer-a previous step to the beta that will allow the studio to put pressure on the infrastructure servers.

“The DOOM multiplayer closed alpha is a development round of tests in which we will submit to the infrastructure of the game dedicated to stress conditions in a real end user environment servers. Not the beta (which is offered with the reservation Wolfenstein®: The New Order ™), or a demo, and is representative of the final game. “

As noted, Bethesda is tackling the trials and misleading advertising to be pre-purchased The New Order does not ensure entry because it was the alpha and beta for now only we can “reserve” a place to be guests, as happened with the ultimate test of Rainbow Six Siege.

The alpha will consist of “A map, a way, a devil, a superheavy weapon”, being “Heatwave” the title of the sand that we try, where we will play one team deathmatch 6v6, and have the possibility of becoming the spectacular Flying Revenant, for which the devastating Gauss Cannon prepared to counter.

To get frags like there’s no tomorrow, the available arsenal consists of six guns and two trim added:


  • Vortex gun
  • Super shotgun
  • Repeater
  • Rocket launcher
  • Static Canyon
  • Plasma rifle


  • Teleporter staff
  • Granada fragmentation

Everyone who pre-purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order, both physically and digitally record the circumstances on the official site of the alpha and hope that they get their mail confirming their participation. The estimated date of the test has not yet announced.