Six modes, countless ways to kill and infinite ways to die. Welcome to DOOM multiplayer offering competitive and full of adrenaline brutal and bloody fighting arenas. DOOM has something for everyone, whether they are fans of the games to death or are looking for classic multiplayer modes with a special touch. Here is a detailed description of the 6 modes that will be available with the launch of the game.

DOOM – Details On Six Multiplayer Modes; New Trailer

To get to know three of the modes that can play from May 13, give a look at the following video:

Harvest of souls (Soul Harvest)

Because, sometimes, kill enemies is not enough … Soul Reaping is similar to heading to Team Deathmatch, only that instead of accumulating points with every floor, players have to seize the souls of fallen enemies. The souls remain in the world for a limited time, and anyone can pick them no matter which team belongs. Where is the catch? Only the other team get points to get a soul, but the companions of the deceased can be with the souls of their allies to spoil the party and prevent the enemies to rate.

But Soul Reaping is not only to kill and collect. In the place where the first player dies, a demonic rune will appear without time limit . Besides that demons always pose a greater threat, all enemy players who die at thehands of a demon produce two souls instead of one , which is usual. And if you manage to kill a demon? We can get hold of the five souls who will leave and maybe … we turn you in hell.

The victory will get the first team to reach a predetermined score, or the team with the most points when time runs out.


Touching and freeze (Freeze Tag)

Do you remember how much fun it was to play small to stern with our friends? Now imagine what it would do so with a Gauss rifle. Or a heavy assault rifle. And on Mars.

Touching and freeze functions very similar to its counterpart in the real world (except for the heavy weapons and infernal atmosphere). Instead of killing your enemies, they will be frozen; immobilized on a block of ice.Peers can unfreeze their allies just be close for a preset time.

Frozen in ice blocks players will slip if they receive shots or pushing, which can lead to all kinds of chaotic possibilities, both planned and unplanned.For example, if an ally is frozen near a lethal danger, you can try to push it to destroy it, as the ally pulverized reappear immediately. You can also try to prevent an enemy is defrosted him away from an ally. A single player can thaw several allies if they are close enough to each other. In addition, players will thaw frozen more quickly if there are several active allies nearby.

a demonic rune in the sand if a round is not determined and there is little time to complete, appears to liven things up.

The victory will get the first team to get freeze the entire opposing team. If players are not frozen when the time runs out, you win the team with the most active players.


Warpath (Warpath)

King of the Hill becomes even greater madness in Warpath, where a single capture point moves across the map following a preset path (and clearly stated). And if that were not enough, a demonic rune advances simultaneously on the same path … but on the opposite side.

This combination of point of capture and demonic rune mobile is what makes Warpath so much fun. Players will have to make decisions quickly and on the fly. Is it better to coalesce with colleagues at the point of capture to reduce the capture time and maintain your possession? Or maybe you run to the other end of the map to try to seize Demonic Rune and turn the tide of battle? Do you prefer to go behind the point of capture to go eliminating enemies and protect the rear? Or you can get ahead to try to prevent capture unopposed with a direct attack. On the other hand, how do we keep alive when the capture point passes through a vacuum or a lethal danger? The incessant movement of the point of capture makes Warpath become a constant adrenaline rush, in an unceasing struggle to seize the domain.

Check the point of capture it provides points for the team. The victory will get the first team to reach a predetermined score, or the team with the most points when time runs out.

Domination (Domination)

Domination includes up to three static capture points scattered around the map. Players appear on different sides of the map and can control capture points just by eliminating enemies and placed in the marked area. Points are awarded based on the time control of capture points is maintained.

Obviously, DOOM not be what it is if not supplied a special touch to this classic formula. In the case of Domination, the key is a demonic rune appear randomly in the sand. It will notify all players of their appearance, so anyone can run for it. As demons are more powerful than normal soldiers (as in all modes), the equipment to be in head Rune want to prevent the opposing team shorten distances. After all, if the team loses is done with the demonic rune, will have many more chances to capture a point and defend the ground to tip the balance in their favor.

The victory will get the team to reach a predetermined score, or the team with the most points when time runs out.

Team Deathmatch (Team Deathmatch)

Team Deathmatch is one of the two most faithful to the classic DOOM multiplayer modes versions, and pits two teams in a total slaughter.Players can choose their arsenals, customize your marine and become demon if they manage to get the rune while (punctuate low as demon like normal) is at stake. Enhancers and powerful weapons play a crucial role in this, but go into more detail about this in our next video and article.The victory will get the first team to reach a predetermined score, or the team with the most points when time runs out.

Arena clans (Clan Arena)

The other faithful remake a classic clans Arena mode is a mode in which elimination win the last team still standing. On the map there will be no harvestable object, and players can not replenish health or armor. If you die, it’s over; no recurrences. In this way there will be no demons available. winner is the team that eliminates all enemies, or who has more live players when time runs out.

Apart from what we have mentioned above, below we have more details on the maps:

  • Some maps include teleports unidirectional or bidirectional. They can be used both by humans and demons.
  • If we need to jump to the top of a level, platforms jump will be our ally. Both humans and demons can use to quickly get to the top.
  • Some levels are surrounded by a radioactive ooze which will hurt humans. The fire also causes damage to humans, as well as the energy / plasma (with the possibility of killing instantly depending on the intensity of danger). Demons are immune to these three dangers.
  • And, as always, avoid washes and deadly pits. Both will instantly kill humans and demons.

Here is the complete list of DOOM multiplayer maps available from launch:

  • Excavation (Excavation) . A small mining facility of the UAC. One must be careful with the rock crusher.
  • Infernal: A medium – sized map set in hell and has indoor and outdoor elements. Many platforms and chasms plus teleporters.
  • Sima ( Chasm ): This huge map will take us to the depths of the polar caps of Mars. A great place to play Touch and freeze.
  • Waste (Disposal): This smaller map is the main waste processing facility of residential complexes and research of the UAC. As expected, it is packed with radioactive ooze.
  • Helix (Helix): This is where the UAC experience with demons and develops advanced weaponry.Naturally, this makes it the perfect place for a quick round of Arena clans.
  • Perdition (Perdition): The dying groans of the unfortunate souls who have suffered in this kingdom resound through this ancient incoherent and sadistic sand.
  • Sacrilegious (Sacrilegious): This map is located in a fissure of hell, provides clear lines of vision. We will have to move fast … or die even faster.
  • Heat Wave (Heatwave): An industrial installation whose gleaming corridors UAC soon be covered human (and demonic) blood.
  • Under the surface (Beneath): Before being sent back to Earth, the energies of hell are channeled in this symmetrical and cavernous location.

DOOM multiplayer demonically take us for 9 different locations. Although each multiplayer map is unique, they all share some common traits. To begin with, we must be constantly moving if we want to survive, since all maps are designed for action and frantic. These combat arenas composed of multiple levels are full of dangers and objects that can change the tide of battle at any time, but in all there are secrets waiting to be discovered, none is designed to allow someone Aposte or hide and look for easy targets.

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