The entire tech world may be eagerly waiting for the launch of the Apple’s very first wearable i.e. Apple Watch in April, however another fruit-themed wearable has outranked the Apple Watch before launch.

The Japanese arm of Dole, the world’s largest seller of vegetables and fruit, will probably be debuting what it really refers to “the world’s very first edible wearable,” a wearable banana pre-loaded with GPS, sensors and also LED lights built to be worn on the wrist by individuals at the forthcoming Tokyo Marathon on Sunday. Nope, we’re not kidding.


“Engineers have tested it day in and day out to come up with this amazing device,” says Dole in a video promo for its new banana. “This is no regular banana. It’s the best companion for any marathoner. You can strap it around your wrist and run with it until you finish the race.”

The “device” is fundamentally an actual banana that is definitely peeled foremost to take out its content. Next, the banana peelings are buckled with electronic components and LED lights bright enough to generate a display on the banana peel before smaller sized banana is set in place and the peel is stitched back-up to appear like an unpeeled banana. The banana is after that hooked up through a cord to a separate gadget worn by the customer.

“The power source is a small battery connected to the wearable banana. Inside the battery there are ultra-compact LEDs and other electronic components,”says Itaru Kunieda, spokesperson of Dole Japan, in an interview with CNET. “These are the only details about the specs that we can tell you at the moment.”

Dole states it is not probably planning to mass produce the wearable banana, however the firm states it will be considering developing various other wearable devices for athletes that may keep a banana inside. Pricing are yet unavailable.

Source: Cnet