4K display, super clear thrilled you? Many players have found their next target as Dell is going to launch a new 5K monitor Model UP2715K a resolution upgrade to 5120×2880, around 14.7 million pixels, 70% higher than the 4K display. The price can reach $2,499.99, if we see Dell’s 32-inch 4K monitor UP3214Q also have the same price.

Do You Still Pay For 4K? Dell to launch 27-Inch 5K Screen at Only $2500

dell 5k

Playback is 5120×2800 resolution H.265 video. The current DP 1.2 interface can only support 4K resolution output level, So in order to support the 5K resolution requires two DP 1.2 interfaces, plus a mini DP to 4K resolution output.

Currently there is only 27-inch monitor listed, you can also find the price of UP2715K on Dell’s official website $2499.99 dollars. We can say the price is too cheap, the current 32-inch 4K Display UP3214Q is priced at $ 2,499.99. But it will be listed at the end of this year.

As for the specifications of the display, especially the panel type is still unknown, but this is not a consumer-grade display, mainly in the commercial market.

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