We are evolved around new circulation full of reveals and rumors since a few weeks regarding the upcoming action survival, Tom Clancy’s The Division. The game got over with its closed beta then open beta recently.

The Division to Feature Six Times Bigger Map Than the Beta Version

And now, one reddit user named ‘jpbonadio‘ revealed some interesting details regarding the map size of the final version of the game. According to his calculations, the map in the final version will be around 6 times bigger than the map which was there in recent beta version. In his post, he mentioned the following details:

  • Final map = 6,04 times the beta map
  • Final map without dark zone = 7,74 times the beta map without dark zone
  • Final map dark zone = 3 (2,98) times the beta dark zone

Division actual map

This seems interesting for an open-world survival game. It is believed that the map in the beta was around 20% of the actual map.

While in another news shared by Gear Siege, the game on PlayStation 4 required minimum of 40 GB space. The game was leaked somewhere in the middle east, anyhow, the person having the leaked version still won’t be able to play the game as Ubisoft confirmed that the game’s server will be going live from 8th of March.

division ps4

The Division is almost one week away from its official release, on March 8th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!