Digital Foundry today brings us an interesting comparison of the Beta version of The Division, a title which puts us in a New York post-pandemic where we must recognize that the game offers one of the best lighting systems that can be found in a game of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as Ubisoft added Volumetric fog, high quality reflection, and particles that are affected by the wind. But everything is not perfect.

The Division (Beta) on Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4

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Now it is known if any of the two consoles have some advantage, in terms of framerates, both consoles are you capable of running it at 30 FPS, but in some scenes the Xbox One fallen 28 FPS and you can see the typical tearing, but fortunately it is an isolated event that we see on the main mission that takes place in a hospital. Everything else runs at 30 FPS. This causes the release of the PlayStation 4, to be much more consistent, but at the end, both are running this game on a balance node considering the game is running at a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels supported by AAWS x1 filtering, which gives it great parity to both console versions.

Now we are waiting for a closer look at the graphics quality with a high-end PC, also to see if these minor issues found in the Xbox One solved in the final version or not. Despite all this, we must recognize that the quality of the textures is not good to be a game of the 2016.