[RUMOR] Microsoft has been working on their new interface DirectX12 for a very long time, they have been aiming to improve the rendering process to better exploit the potential of multi-core processors. After the new work out in the wild, it will be only limited to support the latest Windows OS.

DirectX 12 Will Reportedly Not Supported By Windows 7

Microsoft DirectX 12 officially announced

During the fair PDXLAN in the United States, AMD presentations were led by Richard Huddy- (he is closely associated with the gaming department), from his presentation we came to know that the new DirectX will not be supported by the Windows 7. At this point, it is worth mentioning that, according to NetMarketShare, windows 7 has taken over 50% of market share in operating systems.

However, the news is still not confirmed by Microsoft so take this news with a pinch of salt. DirectX 12 will be available from the end of 2015 and that time market related to the operating system would change when you have newer versions like Windows 10. There are also chances they, Microsoft will release a new version of DirectX 11.3 which will be at the same time compatible with older GPUs. It is possible that it will also be compatible with Windows 7.

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