Since the announcement of the low-level graphics API DirectX 12 from Microsoft, speculates on the level of improvement in graphics performance that will offer PCs (Windows), consoles (XBox One) and smartphones (Windows Phone). However, new data suggest that Xbox One will not entertain from the benefits of DirectX 12 as the other platform will. In addition very well-know developers Naughty Dog also thinks that upcoming API will suit PC platform more rather than Xbox One.

DirectX 12 for XboxOne

It is expected due to reduced dependency CPU featuring of DirectX 12, DirectX 12 will deploy up to double simultaneous objects on-screen than DirectX 11 using the same hardware, without actually overloading the CPU- a significant improvement over the current Graphic API Microsoft DirectX 11.x (11/11.1/11.2).

But apparently not all Microsoft platforms, as Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock and Ramy El Garawany, developer Naughty Dog reveal that DirectX 12 will not boost the performance of XBox One in gaming, all depends on the number of concurrent objects that display on the screen; more concurrent computing will give more greater improvement.