DirectX 12 is expected to bring a small revolution in the generation of 3D graphics – mainly due to its performance in terms of optimizing the configuration of multi-core processors. But that’s not all, because apparently it would also introduce new solutions for the configuration of several interconnected GPUs.


One of the most important news is to be able to connect GeForce and Radeon GPUs. Yes, there are revelations that the new API will reconcile accelerators based on a completely different GPUs. A similar solution could have found on motherboards with Lucid Hydra technology (eg. MSI Big Bang Fuzion or Sapphire PURE Black P67 Hydra), where you can use the Graphics card from both camps. But it was not the perfect solution, because of scaling issues and you could not use the full potential of the cards.

DirectX 12 has also introduced another division of the image rendering for multi-GPU configurations. For CrossFire and SLI mode, there will be Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR), where each GPU renders frames alternately. The new API will introduce here a solution Split Frame Rendering (SFR), where one GPU renders the top half of each video frame, the other does the bottom. It is worth noting that this solution is already being used in the game Civilization: Beyond Earth, while using the interface API Mantle.

By the way, there were reports allegedly linked graphics card memory is totaled – so if you combine eg. Two Radeon R9 290X with 4 GB of memory, the tandem will have to have 8 GB of available memory (instead of 4 GB so far).

But there is a “hook” – to exploit the potential of new solutions, all linked graphics processors will have to be compatible with DirectX 12. With the new API will have to be a consistent application itself (and therefore usually a game or benchmark). While the first requirement is easy to meet, because virtually all new graphics cards are now compatible with the new API, now is a matter of implementation of the new programming interface which will be no longer dependent on the willingness of developers. But let’s hope for the best 🙂

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Source: Sweclockers

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