Microsoft has announced DirectX 12 from a quite long time ago. But apart from some performance teasers they have not given their word on the compatibility list and in return many PC gamers are worried about their hardware that it will be able to entertain new Microsoft DirectX or not or older operating systems will be able to support it or not as many gamers still love Windows 7 for gaming. Now the official announcement come as a shocker for many as Microsoft has announced that DirectX12 will be exclusive to Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10. Check out their words on official Twitter account:

DirectX 12 is Constrained to Windows 10 only, NVIDIA Lists their DX12 Compatible GPUs

As the official Twitter account of DX12 tweeted:

DirectX 12

Well, Microsoft has not mentioned that it will be exclusive to Windows 10 but the facts are indicating this as they never said that the new DirectX 12 is coming to Windows 7/8.1 also from tweet they only mentioned Windows 10 for DX12.  We can say that the new API will not entertain the older operating system, but you don’t have to worried about it if you are using a legit version of Windows 7/8/8.1 as they are also giving you the chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for 1 years totally free.

Now come to the serious case for many gamers. NVIDIA has recently released the list of Graphics cards who will be going to support the DirectX 12. According to NVIDIA all Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell cards will entertain the DirectX 12. AMD consumers have to wait as they don’t say any words on the compatible list of Graphics Cards.


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