DICE, the studio behind the famous Battlefield series is currently working on the Battlefield 1, a new addition to the series based on World War I. The game is under its final stages of development and will be released in less than a month. However, some fans still wonder will the studio ever work on Bad Company 3.

DICE Reveals Possibility of Battlefield Bad Company 3

Battlefield Bad Company 2 was one of the most loved games from the studio which changed the Battlefield franchise forever and forced DICE to work on Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and now the Battlefield 1. But still, there are some Bad Company series lovers who want the studio to work on a sequel to Bad Company. But during a recent interview with Resero, Lars Gustavsson of DICE mentioned that maybe there will be a Battlefield Bad Company 3 in the future. During his interview, he said that the sequel to the sub-franchise is ‘still on the back of their minds‘. He said;

“Yeah, the question of Bad Company, and will the boys return- it’s always in the back of our heads,”

“The question of ‘will we do Bad Company 3?’ who knows? Maybe in the future, it’s something we miss. So maybe someday.”

After the release of Battlefield 4, the fans demanded the studio to work on Bad Company 3. DICE launched the first game of the sub-franchise the Battlefield Bad Company back in 2008 featuring a great destruction in the game, thanks to Frostbite engine. Two years later, Battlefield Bad Company 2 was released which was loved by most of the first person shooters.

It appears that a new Bad Company game will be released sometime sooner to give the fans what they have been demanding for so long. Till then, the players can enjoy Battlefield 1, a new entry to the famous franchise, which will take us back in the great war. The game is set for release on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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