Battlefield 4 was released around 3 years ago by DICE, and as per the online gaming community, it is still most loved shooter game till date as compared with the Battlefield Hardline, having around 125,000 average players within 24 hours.

DICE Planning to Overhaul Battlefield 4 User Interface Experience

Lately, DICE in its blog update has announced that the studio is planning to overhaul Battlefield user interface experience, that will improve the multiplayer performance while the studio plans to start with the Battlefield 4. Later on, the new user interface will be implemented in Battlefield 1 and then Battlefield Hardline.

The studio is planning to introduce it in the form of beta, testing the new user interface for a small audience till they completely release it officially for the game. According to the DICE:

The new Battlefield user interface is designed to improve the experience of playing with friends and to bring relevant content to your attention.

This new user interface will eliminate the method of launching game from the web browsers via battlelog and will enable joining the matches from the game’s menu instead. This seems to be a good option as well since most of the players didn’t like launching from the web browsers.

Source: Battlefield

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