Recently the developer of “Devil May Cry” series Ninja Theory on official Twitter account when they are entertaining their fans while answering to their questions exposed a terrible secret which will be the cause of pleasure for many fan’s of Ninja Theory, they are working on a new game. Although still they officially did not indicate any new information about DmC: Devil May Cry ‘point of view, but according to several industry persons Ninja Theory is in a good mood to give something worthful. If nothing else, the game will be from “Devil May Cry” series.

Devil May Cry 6 set out for a possible future release: Hint franchise developers

Devil May Cry 6, Ninja Theory Twitter

Someone asked when they will officially open the new work time, Ninja Theory said: “I can’t say exactly when, but you’ll see something in the next few months”

Devil May Cry 6, Ninja Theory Twitter

In the last year, Ninja Theory has also been said that they are ready for some exciting things for the players’ heart.

DMC: Devil May Cry 5 was landed on a major platform last year,  although the styles of players in this skepticism, but the game still impressed with its excellent quality. Ninja Theory also proved himself with strength. And in a year’s time apart, we have reason to believe that the “Devil May Cry 6” is not really far away.

Devil May Cry 6, Ninja Theory

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