Soon after the official confirmation of a new high-end PlayStation console code-named PlayStation 4 Neo and the spreading rumors of a new upgraded Xbox code-named as Xbox One Scorpio, the developers also started to comment regarding games development on both the new consoles.

Developing for PlayStation 4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio is Easier than PCs – Dead Effect 2 Developer

In an exclusive interview with the WCCFTech, the developers of Dead Effect 2 were asked their opinions regarding the matter and its effect on the video game development. The developer said,

Question: You will surely have read about the rumors concerning potentially enhanced PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. As a developer, would you welcome more powerful hardware with open arms or perhaps you’d rather not have more platforms to deal with?
Answer: Every developer likes to get his product on as many platforms as reasonably possible, with the best possible quality. The enhanced console versions might provide enough power to support the 4K resolution and that would be definitely great. If all we had to do was to create two performance profiles, for standard and enhanced console, we’re definitely interested. It would be still a lot easier than attempting to provide enough settings for a wild variety of PCs in the world.

The developer was also asked about the game’s release on consoles and the targeted frame rates, to which he replied;

The versions we’re right now tuning and testing are graphically comparable with PC high quality on PS4 and medium for Xbox One, but we’re still working and looking for a ways to improve the quality. We want to keep the game at stable 60FPS on both platforms. We were considering the idea of 30fps lock while using a better quality graphics, but we’ve decided that smooth action play is more important, even if the visuals will have to suffer a bit.

Yesterday, Sony’s President Andrew House officially confirmed the development of a new console, which is currently named as PlayStation 4 Neo which comprises hardware sufficient for 4K output. The existence of a new PlayStation 4 console was rumored earlier this year.

Source: WCCFTech

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