The war of Sony PS and Microsoft Xbox is going on for the several years and now it’s seems like in Games the Ps4 is taking the lead, Ps4 is also the only console Sold 5.3 Million in the worldwide and beat Xbox One in the race, but today, according to the survey report. Games Developers also make their vote for Ps4 and they are more likely to develop games for ps4. According to the organizers of the Game Developers Conference survey found that 20% of developers plan to launch a new game on the PS4, while the number of Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U is only 17% and 4%.

Developers are more likely to develop new games for PS4
Developers Interest Xbox and PS4

According to the analysis the developers are more interested to be famous from the PS4 side. In addition, some long development cycle of the AAA blockbuster games may also debut two host platforms, and those independent game developers are more inclined to exclusive games, which means that the game can be consistent freshness.

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