Deus Ex Mankind Divided, the latest addition to the famous franchise was released yesterday, and just like other AAA titles, the game was reportedly having several issues such as crashes, bugs, poor performance and strange mouse acceleration specifically on the PC.

The game was made available on the Steam yesterday and since then, many players have reported these technical issues on the Steam and Reddit forums while those pre-ordered the game feel that there were misled. Many users reported the issues along with negative reviews as well. However, as of now, the reviews appear to be mixed with over 1,500 positive reviews while around 1,000 negative.

Some of them claimed that they are getting poor frame rates even on their mid-high systems. While the issue of opposite mouse axis settings was also reported, for that the developers have concluded that “ignore what they are seeing in the menu and use what they are noticing in-game.” Game developers on their forums confirmed that they are aware of most of the reported issues and also published some workarounds for the issues. These are mentioned as below;

Performance Issues
If you are experiencing performance issues, here are a few workarounds you can try out for now:

  • Update your drivers
  • Turn off MSAA
  • Turn off Contact Hardening Shadows
  • Keep Volumetric Lighting to on or off
  • If you have a 4GB GPU, use settings up to High
  • Use 1080p resolution
  • Enable Exclusive Fullscreen

While today, a new patch v1.0 build 524.7 for the PC version has been released by the studio, which has reportedly fixed the game crashes caused by third party programs and during the start of the game and also mouse invert settings. Patch notes are available below;

  • Fixed crashes caused by third-party programs interfering with the game.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after viewing the intro videos.
  • Fixed issue that could cause a crash at the end of the Prague intro scene.
  • Fixed mouse invert setting not being displayed correctly in the options menu.

It was also mentioned that those running with recommended or higher specifications should start the game with High Preset and MSAA turned off. While those people who want to revert back to the original build of the game can go with the v1.0 build 524.6 from the Steam. The studio also confirmed that they will be monitoring the issues and will release a patch for the new Deus Ex Mankind Divided in the near future “if required“.

How was your experience with the game so far? Let us know in the comment section below!