Square Enix release date puts the promising Deus Ex: Mankind Divided by the announcement of the “Augment your pre-order” program. The new installment of the series created by Warren Spector will come on February 23, continuing events of the reboot Human Revolution.


“Augment your pre-order” is a system that has already been used in several Steam games, which counts the number of pre-reaching for various accomplishments, and thus provide different prizes between those who purchase the game before launch.

The first phase, currently in vigencia- delivers a set of skins for Adam Jensen, followed by an art book and digital soundtrack, an exclusive mission in the game, a digital novel, and finally, the anticipation of the game, four days before the launch for the rest of the public.

For fans of the series, Square Enix announced the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided collector’s edition, which will include all bonus “Augment your pre-order” system, along with an art book of 48 pages, a figure of Adam Jense 9 “and Steelbook.