While Square Enix and Eidos Montreal had announced that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will support DirectX 12 in its release, but today the development team announced that the support will come after some weeks on September 5, since they need extra time to provide proper support of Microsoft API.

On the other hand, since review codes have been delivered a few days ago, a user has leaked PC graphics options that can be set in Deus Ex: Divided Mankind. Luck like other Square Enix titles, Divided Mankind has implemented MSAA, contrary to Deus Ex: Human Revolution only had FXAA and MLAA.

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind will not support DirectX 12 at launch – Graphics Options Leaked

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind

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Deus Ex: Divided Mankind also continues with the story of Adam Jensen, a former security chief for a biotechnology company. Jensen is equipped with new cyber increases, allowing him to play a greater sense of self-control while exploring all new locations from the game. While the political and social tensions grow to its maximum, Jensen and conspiracies surrounding the Illuminati continue toward an inevitable crossroads and possibly an epic showdown.

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind will be released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on 23 August.

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