Bungie, the developers of Destiny revealed its live action trailer today. Its first trailer was revealed at E3 2014 it was a perfect trailer and everything was defined and elaborated about destiny.

Destiny Live Action Trailer Revealed


In the trailer, which is now revealed shows guardians fighting or looks like having fun in various planets.
The customization shown in the trailer is pretty cool and as seen in the beta version of destiny, Customization is huge, but almost 80% of it was locked in beta.
In the trailer the mission at moon was showed firstly which was available to play at beta version. In the trailer and beta version the content they are showing is from level 1 to 8 so they are creating more curiosity for players by keeping the real stuff as a secret.


The director of the trailer is Joseph Kosinski, who previously directed Tron Legacy and Halo 3 trailer. The combat scenes in the trailer are enjoyable and the addition of little humor had made it more attractive and the live acting is also added it the trailer which is limited under the Helm/Mask.

The release date for destiny is on September 9 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Destiny Live Action Trailer: