Destiny has become the UK’s most successful launched game in the history. Destiny was at the top of the UK’s All Format Chart right after its launch on 9 September in UK.

Destiny got the biggest launch in UK


Activision announced earlier that they got almost $500 million by selling the game to the retailers world-wide and as the rumors were that Bungie invested $500 million in the game that include’s development, promotion, advertisement, etc.. The exact number of copies of the game sold in UK is still not announced. But it is expected that they will announce that officially on 16 September.

Although Activsion revealed the official figures confirming that 46% of all the copies were sold  on PS4, 36% were sold on Xbox One, 14% on Xbox 360 and a last but least 4% on PS3 and no digital downloads from other websites and torrent were included.
Before Destiny, Watchdogs sold 4 million copies and was the “best-selling new IP in video game history”


The recently updated game chart:


2:The Sims 4

3:Watch Dogs

4:Call of Duty: Ghosts

5:The Last of Us: Remastered

6:Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

7:NHL 15

8:Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

9:Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition

10:Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

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