It’s looking good that, how companies and developers are betting on the virtual reality, presenting devices, softwares and games in which the role of this will be key. American developer Valve is working on the progress of virtual reality. Today they launched “Destinations Workshop Tools for VR”, a new free tool with which users can design Virtual Reality environments for themselves.

Valve Launches Destinations Workshop Tools For Building Virtual Reality Environment


According to the software’s description on Steam, “Destinations Workshop Tools is a VR content creation package that enables the creation and sharing of both real and imaginary worlds on the Steam Workshop.”

This software is now available for free and you can download it from here. The users are encouraged to install the demo and share their creations on the Steam Workshop. The current demo includes, a scene of Portal 2 with the droid Atlas and a bunker in San Francisco.

Destinations is raised as an early-access on Steam, seeking the cooperation and participation of people for testing during development. Obviously, it is essential to have a VR headset to experience it and use it . Undoubtedly, this is an initiative that seeks to familiarize possibilities of VR to public.