Recently, game designer Jonathan Blow from his official Twitter account seemed unhappy and frustrated after knowing the level of piracy of his newly released video game, The Witness.

Designer of The Witness unhappy over the Piracy, hints its effects on future projects

He said that the new first-person puzzler is currently the most downloaded game on a “certain popular Torrent site.” Moreover, he expressed his concerns about the upcoming projects.

Piracy of video games, especially on PC is one hell of an issue for the developers, while he further stated that he didn’t have enough time to create another half version of The Witness, which he did with the Braid.

And also indicated that the next games might be protected by Denuvo.

While questioned about the game’s price by one follower, he said that the people love to pirate even $10 games, (which is quite true).

Stay tuned for more updates!

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