Denuvo, a recent anti-piracy tool is used as a source of protection by the game developers from the pirates. According to the developers, the program continuously encrypts and decrypts the codes, making it “impossible” to crack the protected program. However, it seems that things have been changed lately as the hackers managed to get workarounds and bypass the protected games and this time, one Denuvo protected game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst got fully cracked by the hacker group known as CPY.

Denuvo Protected Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Now Fully Cracked by CPY

Around two months ago, hackers managed to bypass multiple Denuvo protected games within a few hours, taking the advantage of Steam loopholes, but this time, a group called CPY has successfully managed to crack the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. A crack has been uploaded to various torrent websites which reportedly runs the game fine.

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Just Case 3 was the most difficult game to crack by the Chinese hacker group 3DM, which tried its best to crack the game, but failed because of the continuous encryption and decryption of the code of the protected program. Piracy is one major issue on the PC platform for the game developers and this anti-tamper technology, which was supposed to protect the developers was attacked multiple times by the hackers. One Bulgarian hacker claimed that the Denuvo will be fully cracked by the end of this year.

Let’s see how things go in the coming months and what measures will the Austrian anti-piracy software solutions will take in the future to prevent piracy. Stay tuned for more updates!

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