The controversial Denuvo anti-tamper solution has been going through several bad times in recent months and just a few days ago many companies cancelled their contracts with them. The RiME and HD Builder are the latest titles to remove Denuvo DRM and allegedly Rime runs faster with Denuvo DRM stripped out. Now it appears that, the Denuvo Software Solutions will be facing a claim for the misuse of the license of a software that they never acquired. Basically, piracy.

Denuvo could face a serious claim for unauthorized use of VMProtect licenses


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The accusation comes from a user of the Russian forum rsdn, where he says that Denuvo Software Solutions has wanted to incorporate the software of VMProtect to their systems. According to this Russian user, the anti-piracy software had purchased a $ 500 license from VMProtect and started to apply it to their system. The developers canceled the license and asked for a modest amount for compensation – for the misuse of their property – but Denuvo Software Solutions ignored, and now it seems that several antivirus are alerting the presence of identifying brand VMProtBad in several games with Denuvo DRM, so they have detected that the company continues to use the system without permission.

“For the moment we have asked Valve support to contact us with their legal department to explain the ‘dangers’ of working with these scammers,” says drVano.

“Through our partners at Intellect-C we are preparing the official complaint to Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH with the idea of ​​reaching trial, which may end up being a good lesson for these ‘ambitious’ developers who do not care about intellectual rights Of his colleagues. “

A VMProtect representative now states that the company is working on filing a lawsuit against the Austrian company:

Everything went well until we corrected the claim that due to the unlicensed use of VMprotect, their license was canceled and options were offered for solving the problem through signing an amicable agreement, with compensation to us forfeit in a modest amount by their measure. Our proposal was ignored.

– drVano at VMProtect

If the lawsuit is indeed filed and the company is deemed to be violating copyright and licensing agreements, it could mean that games using the anti-piracy software may no longer be distributed at all.