These days, because of criticism of NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics card memory problems, AMD is having a good chance to counterattack, but they have been suffering from lots of pressure and one of them is the least demand of Graphics card – AMD’s AIB partners for graphics cards has reduced their orders to save their self from inventory losses. And on the lighter note, NVIDIA owned a large market share.

AMD’s AIB partners has reduced Orders 

JPR statistics of Q3 2014 quarter. AMD and NVIDIA graphics card market share
JPR statistics of Q3 2014 quarter. AMD and NVIDIA graphics card market share

NVIDIA has introduced the Maxwell wave, but AMD in the past year or so had no decent graphics card launch apart from AMD Radeon R9 285, hard to say successful product. Now NVIDIA graphics card market gradually oriented party. AMD in the previous annual report also showed weak GPU sales and decline in revenue.

In this case, NVIDIA graphics card manufacturers gradually backward, Hexus site and Digitimes sources claimed that AMD’s AIB partners for AMD graphics cards has reduced the order in order to save their self from inventory loss.

The second half of this year is critical for AMD. According to the CEO they will release new products in the Q2 of this year. The new AMD graphics card will be part of a strategic restructuring.

AMD is still among the long-term restructuring, R & D graphics department will obviously be affected. Digitimes said that manufacturers have also remained concerned, worried that the market is gradually sliding into NVIDIA side, may lead to the loss of the bargain between them and GPU vendors.

Now we can only hope that AMD’s Radeon Rx 300 series graphics give some force, there are some news that in March we will see the debut of Trinidad core R9 370, in addition the previous exposure of Performance testing looks very impressive. There are more high-end R9 380X, this card may be the first high-end product with a HBM video memory bandwidth of up to 512-640GB /s, but the TDP may reach 300W level, which in turn can not help but worry about the next generation graphics power and fever, after all NVIDIA Maxwell architecture has lots of advantages in the race of power consumption. Now all depends on the next release of R9 300, better be earth shattering or they may lose out on the market pretty solidly.