Deadpool is one of the best superhero action movie of late years, so in the event that you haven’t seen it – go watch it, you’ll adore it. In any case, the opening action scene is totally amazing, and it was done completely in CG using NVIDIA GPUs.

Blur Studio, which was co-founded to establish by Deadpool executive Tim Miller, was behind the succession. Obscure Studio assembled the advantages for the scene utilizing Autodesk 3DS Max, with the rendering some portion of it is experiencing through Chaos Group’s GPU rendering, V-Ray RT. V-Ray RT keeps running on NVIDIA GPUs and is up to 15x faster than rendering on a CPU, as per NVIDIA.

The organization utilized HP Z840 workstations controlled by NVIDIA Quadro M6000 GPU, with Kevin Margo from Blur Studios clarifying: “The power of GPU rendering combined with the speed and real-time interactivity of the HP workstations equipped with M6000s allowed us to consider rendering things we wouldn’t have been able to before. It made the process so much easier and more efficient”.

NVIDIA Quadro M6000 Specifications

ModelQuadro K6000GeForce GTX 980Quadro M6000
The layoutKepler GK110Maxwell GM204Maxwell GM200
CUDA Cores288020483072
TMUs240128192 (?)
GPU clock speed980 MHz1126/1216 MHz988 MHz
Video memory12 GB of GDDR5 384-bit4 GB GDDR5 256-bit12 GB of GDDR5 384-bit
Memory clock6000 MHz7010 MHz6600 MHz
Memory Bandwidth288 GB / s224 GB / s317.4 GB / s

Via: tweaktown