Frank West returns to the Willamette Mall in Dead Rising 4 and IGN brought a short video of the new story of the photojournalist. Below you will see the first more than 30 minutes of gameplay of the latest iteration of iconic open world survival game from Capcom Vancouver camp.

Dead Rising 4 – First 30 Minutes of Gameplay

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Dead Rising 4 marks the return of photojournalist Frank West in the new chapter of one of the most popular zombie licenses games of all time. With a level of customization of weapons and unique characters includes new types of zombies and EXO Suits. Dead Rising 4 offers an exciting experience as players explore, looking for food and struggling to survive in an open world epic sandbox.

  • Anything and everything is a weapon: A whole new collection of weapons and vehicles with freedom for players to create their own weapons of zombie destruction.
  • Open World: Players will explore the open world of Willamette, Colorado, while zombies face new enemies, including agile that can attack from above.
  • EXO suit: The EXO suit will give players a super weapon with the awesome power of play to face the horde of zombies.

Through Gamespot, Microsoft has confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will be exclusively available for Windows 10 store for first 90 days, while the exclusivity for consoles will be one year. This meant that the fourth iteration of the title of Capcom Vancouver will launch on Steam and other digital after 1 year.

Dead Rising 4 will come to Xbox One and PC via the Windows 10 Store on 6 December.