In a brief press release, Deep Silver announced that the studio Yager Developments – responsible for Spec Ops: The Line and promising Dreadnought– will no longer being in charge of the development of the expected Dead Island 2. Although they have not specified the real reasons for the termination.

Dead Island 2 is no longer in the hands of the German studio Yager Developments


“With Dead Island 2, Deep Silver has always been dedicated to delivering a sequel to Dead Island Music fans deserve,” said the statement. “After careful consideration, today announced the decision to part ways with the associated development Yager. We will continue working to give life to our vision of Dead Island 2 and share more information in future stages. “

During Gamescom last year, the presentation of Dead Island 2 already had an alpha demo where you could see some gameplay elements -quite similar to the first game, honestly. So far, Deep Silver has been a serious and responsible company with respect to the quality of its products, so we hope that the change is for the better, although it may result in a significant delay in the launch.

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