There are some rumors that the new DDR4 memory with a frequency of 2133-MHz, single capacity 8GB will release in the Q2 of this year. There is no backwards compatibility in the new DDr4, means no support of sandy Bridge and Ivy-Bridge processors, it could support Intel X99 platform Haswell-E Processors. Till now we don’t know about the performance of DDr4 in real benches if we compare it with DDr3.DDr4 is slightly different in shape, here are some pictures from the Super Network forum. Currently the price of Single DDr4-2133 Ram is $661 of course in blackmarket.

Picture is from Super Network

In the second picture, we can see the physical compression of DDr3 and DDr4, the anti-joystick position is slightly different and user on the  Super Network forum also confirmed that voltage is a lot lower than DDr3 because on the x99 motherboard, its display the actual voltage of 1.2V and with the voltmeter test is 1.204V.