Although we had already seen a lot of DDR4 Memory, but they are mostly Server-Oriented, there are till now few Desktop DDR4 Rams and the price is ridiculously expensive.

Recently, ADATA officially launched its First Desktop DDR4 memory, named as Premier DDR4 seriesCapacity of a single 4GB and 8GB Both single, both 2133MHz frequency, not high.

I hope you know, Haswell-E processors will be the first to support for DDR4 memory, which is an enthusiast buy product, with DDR4-2133MHz to go with it, then it is a bit Qucai. Or look forward to the early launch of the major manufacturers DDR4 memory most of them are not for Overclocking, I mean you really think this green PCB will bear it, outside vest end users don’t have a desire to buy it with this stage.

ADATA has not yet announced a specific time to launch this product to the market and also the price of this memory, expected to be on sale in September, the price may be higher than some of the same frequencies DDR3 memory.