DDR4 memory finally fully bear fruit. Embedded storage vendors Virtium today launched their DDR4 products, but very special, the first time the ULP ultra-small size, height paltry 17.8 mm (0.7 in.).

DDR4 DIMM memory standard height of 31.25 mm , slightly higher than the DDR3 30.35 mm, while the notebook SO-DIMM height of 30 mm, VLP for high-density servers only very small size 18.3-18.7 mm (0.72-0.738 inches) .

ULP is the most compact of all types, more than half of only the standard type, suitable for narrow space of the embedded field .

DDR4 DIMM memory
DDR4 DIMM memory

Virtium ULP DDR4 memory is server-based URIMM, single capacity 4GB (Single Rank), 8GB (Dual Rank), 16GB (Dual Rank), standard frequency 2133MHz, standard voltage 1.2V, the standard temperature tolerance range 0 ~ 85 ℃, extension / Industrial withstand temperature range -25/-40 ~ 95 ℃, five-year warranty.

Virtium said that this memory has been tested and validated by customers, will soon be available in volume.