From the moment of the first announcement of Until down the expectations for this game are getting more flames. New material (gameplay trailer), which was presented at the PlayStation Experience, give us some details about the game environment.

Until Dawn is a very dark horror story based game, although the original (a group of teenagers trapped in a not entirely abandoned house trying to get out of it), but it is reproducing the player a lot of freedom – “you die, you will die, the story will adjust and recommend further”

But the gameplay itself strongly alludes to the studio Quantic Dreams titles such as Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. Therefore, we will see a truly cinematic action, interrupted from time to time, the game is totally based on your set of actions that what step you take in order to survive.

During the event, the Supermassive Games presented less than a four-minute of gameplay trailer of the game. We see the heroine – Samantha (role played by Hayden Panettiere), who escapes from a masked thug. Thus, it helps us to feel the atmosphere of Until Dawn and refer to the mechanics of the game. 

Until Dawn premiere game will take place next summer. The target platform is the only PS4 consoles.

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