Today it has been announced that the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has imposed a fine of 1.2 million euros on Facebook, due to a series of illegal policies that the company of the great social network has employee with its users.


According to the research carried out by the AEPD, Facebook collects information from users that has to do with their ideology, gender, religious beliefs, personal tastes or even Internet browsing, without the consent of the users themselves compiled. All of this has been picked up by the American company for advertising purposes, something that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has denied by a note stating that they “respectfully disagree over the imposed sanction of 1.2 million.

“Facebook’s privacy policy contains generic and unclear terms,” the authority said in a statement.

“The social network uses specifically protected data for advertising, among other purposes, without obtaining users’ express consent as data protection law demands, a serious infringement.”

However, the issue does not end there, since the investigation has revealed that Facebook never cancel or delete the information stored on the users, but, even if an account is canceled by the person, installed cookies in the device continue to collect information for more than 17 months and some data later used by the company.

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