Another multi-platform title that lands on PC without being moderately optimized, we are talking about Dark Souls 3 developed by From Software. Although the title will not come to North America and Europe in a week, some lucky already have a copy of the game (not the Japanese version) revealing that its performance is pretty bad, so that with an Intel Core i7- 4770K coupled with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 there are several parts of the game where performance falls magically to 20 FPS. That, at 1080p, to run the game 4K at 60 FPS you have to choose the lowest possible graphics options.

Dark Souls 3 Suffering from Performance Issues on the PC

We are obviously at a port number of console that is not really taking advantage of the hardware of the PC, now we can only hope that on its official release From Software will release a second patch on April 12 to fix those problems. You can read our review of Dark Souls 3 on this link. We have tested the press version provided earlier by Namco Bandai of game and even with the recommended requirements (Core i7 and GTX 970), it is not possible to reach or maintain constant 60fps. In fact, many areas fall below 40 or even 30fps with a GTX 980 Ti, which should not happen after its poor quality of static lighting and textures. In 1080, we also tried Dark Souls 3 with a GTX 960 (2GB) and in some areas FPS drop to 20-25 frames per second.

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