We have been watching quite many updates on the upcoming Dark Souls 3, one of the most anti-cipated game of the year 2016. Earlier today, a new gameplay footage was noticed on the famous video streaming website, YouTube. The new gameplay video is titled as Knife and Bow.

The video was captured by a user PGMadeira who managed to get it from the latest livestream of the game. Have a look below:

Dark Souls 3: Knife and Bow showcase

Recently, we saw some new Dark Souls 3 screenshots showcasing new locations, characters and then, it was announced that the Dark Souls 3 was available for pre-order on the Japanese PlayStation Store. It is believed that the new Dark Souls would be the best addition in the franchise.

Dark Souls III is scheduled for release on April 12, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. While it will be released in March 24 in Japan. Stay tuned for more on From Software’s new action, RPG game.


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