Dark Souls 3

As expected, the beta (or Stress Test on Playstation 4) of promising regurgitated Dark Souls 3 has a ton of new material to see, gathered in four videos that accumulate nearly an hour of gameplay. From the below videos we can see the eligible classes, various enemies and a fierce struggle with one of the department heads. The icing on the cake is the multiplayer mode.

“Skills, a new addition to the combat mechanics DARK SOULS attack modifiers added to each type of weapon, giving players more tactical advantage in combat. Increases attack power of an ax with War Cry, or breaks the guard of the enemy with an upward movement from Ready Stance. The choice of how and when players should use these skills depends on them. Players can equip your character with a variety of sets of armor, medieval weaponry, and also cross with powerful spells and miracles as they develop their style of play. “

The Dark Souls 3 version¬†of Playstation 4 is now running through¬†a trial period of network under the name of “Network Stress Test sessions”, where they assess the balance of multiplayer gameplay, and server load, between 16 and 18 October, but nothing has been announced for the PC platform.





The third installment of the ruthless action RPG From Software comes to the PC platform through Steam, on April with various gameplay settings as pointing to the role and cooperative modes, plus a lot of new enemies and environments to go.