A few days ago we reported on the rumor that Dark Souls 3 would be presented during this E3, and now begin to appear more information that could be confirmed suspicions. Although perhaps not such good news for us, the Master Race.

Dark Souls 3 – First Leaked details; Screenshots and Concept Art


According to these guys screaming YouTube channel “The Know” Dark Souls 3 would be launched mainly in Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the PC version would be “negotiable”. As well explained screamer of a third video, this would mean that all depends on how it is received by the critics, how to sell, and if you have plenty of time to get to work on a port.

Beyond the bad news, in the video you can see what would screenshots and concept art of the game, coupled with a lot of information about their characteristics. There is talk of a cooperative mode for up to 4 players. 10 playable classes from the start, 45 new enemies, new bosses 15, and 12 areas of the world, with some gameplay mechanics that do not clearly explain.

The game would be scheduled for a launch in 2016, and remember not to take all this too seriously, at least until it is actually published. Lack little for E3, so with a little patience reached.




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