The MDHR indie studio released a new video of gameplay (co-op) of Cuphead the amazing 2D arcade with cartoon style graphics 30, mixed with a strong emphasis on boss battles, and inspired by games like Contra gameplay, Gunstar Heroes and arcade platform was 16 bits.

Cuphead is defined as a “run and gun” game that do focus on fighting 1 v’s 1 (or 2vs1 mode 2 players). The developer study aims to evolve the genre by adding new features such as: new super powers, infinite lives, playable map of the world and many secrets.

If all goes according to plan, Studio MDHR says Cuphead will overcome the “Guinness World Record for Most Boss Battles in a Run and Gun Game” 25 bosses. Cuphead will feature between 10 and 15 bosses per episode and plan to make up 30 to exceed that record.


Cuphead will arrive in early 2016 for PC and Xbox One.