Counter Strike Global Offensive or popularly known as CS:GO is one of the most played games played across the world and the recent update has caused a new blockade for the players from two countries, namely Belgium and Netherlands.

Players in Belgium and Netherlands are not able to open up the loot boxes in CS:GO following a new update on Steam which was rolled out on Wednesday. It was highlighted by the developers in their blog update related to the new update that players from both the countries are ‘restricted’ from opening the containers (loot boxes).

Last month, developer Valve announced that they have disabled Steam trading and Steam Market functionality in Netherlands due to the country’s gambling laws ruled by Dutch Gaming Authority, and therefore, it was announced that loot boxes were creating some sort of violation of these laws and the game developers will face legal issues with huge fines if these are not restricted.

The notice was also served to other game developer studios such as Blizzard, Activision, and EA and Valve came up with the temporary strategy to ban the trading instead.

Developer Valve Corp had to disable the Steam Trading and Market functionality following the announcement from the Dutch officials, however, the new update has re-enabled Trading and Market functionality in Netherlands but players from Belgium and Netherlands will not be able to open the loot boxes anymore.

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Players across both the countries are not happy with the recent update as it simply bars them from taking part in the loot boxes, but luckily, they are able to buy and sell the items directly from the store.

What’s your take in the matter?

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