The Crytek is still in a deep financial quagmire, although the studio has made a step ahead and released a new version of CRYENGINE SDK, but still could not stop to feed the “Homefront:  The Revolution” and now the developing has been temporarily stopped. Kotaku quoted a message, that it is because Crytek wasn’t paying some of its staff on time.

Crytek Wages scandal: Homefront 2 development has been suspended

homefront the revolution
We hope Crytek can stand up and tell us that this is a rumor, but it is not so. It is reported that Crytek UK studio staff did not get proper wages, and now they have submitted a letter of protest and stopped going to work. They say no wages, so the Homefront: Revolution work will not continue.

As for the “Homefront: Revolution” it is still a hot masterpiece, there are also rumors that Crytek and publisher Deep Silver are discussing “Homefront: Revolution issue, the next move, we want them to be able to solve the “Homefront 2 as soon as possible.