On a PC, saying that 8GB of RAM is more than enough to run all games with decent Frames, if rest of the configuration is following the game practice is common. Now the Current Generation Consoles XboxOne and PS4 both are equipped with 8 GB of RAM, it seems that this space would be a problem for developers in the future. Indeed, both consoles have an AMD Jaguar APU which the CPU and GPU both used in system memory. In an interview, Sean Tracy, an employee CryTek expressed his vision.

For him, 8GB of memory is not yet limited, but this capacity could be the blocked in future. He Share the experience about the Development of XboxOne Exclusive game Ryse: Son of Rome, the studio has the ingenuity to redouble best optimize memory usage of the game. We will not complain, developers will usually do the same on PC. Another employee of Crytek said that developers do not have access to all 8Gb because part was reserved for the operating system.

A PC with a CPU and a dedicated graphics card, it is still comfortable for a few years, as they can still add more Ram according to the Flavor but from the consoles story is different, damage the RAM is soldered to the motherboard and the users cannot add modules.

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