This E3 is all about virtual reality. Harnessing the power of CryENGINE, Robinson: The Journey from Crytek will offer players unprecedented feeling of being inside the game while assuming the role of a young boy who is suffering from a force on a mysterious planet. The freedom to explore the surroundings with a huge degree of detail at 360 degrees, players will pioneers, interacting with the rich ecosystem around and unearthing incredible secrets at every turn.

David Bowman, Production Manager of Crytek, states: “Since Crytek was founded, we have worked hard to build the most realistic and believable worlds that we have been possible for our players. Today, virtual reality technologies, allow us to bring the capabilities of CryENGINE and all our legacy with regard to the creation of immersive gaming experiences, to places where we had never gone before. The effort we are investing in Robinson: The Journey while we develop, is transforming the way we think of our games. We can not wait for everyone to have the opportunity to set foot in this universe itself. “