Crytek revealed big changes for the next version of its CryEngine graphics engine. The arrival of CryEngine 5.2 graphics engine will bring the support Multi-GPU under the DirectX 12 API, full rendering under DirectX 12 (expected asynchronous compute too), supported by proprietary technology such as NVIDIA PhysX and much more.

CryEngine 5.2 will be compatible with DirectX 12 and CryEngine 5.3 with Vulkan 

DX12 Renderer for new engine will support DX12 Multi GPU for VR, as well as the following features:

DX12 Renderer

  • Scaleform Flash natively in DX12
  • Partial RenderElements in new pipeline
  • Fog/Clouds/Waters in new pipeline
  • Deferred Decals in new pipeline
  • AuxRenderer natively DX12
  • VR Multi GPU support
  • Tiled shading optimization (using light volume rasterization

DX12 Renderer

  • Forward pass to use new pipeline
  • SVOGI converted to graphics pass

On the other hand, Microsoft will not be happy, because the CryEngine 5.3 will include support to other low – level API, and this is none other than the increasingly popular Vulkan which would arrive in mid-October and it will allow developers to use the CryEngine graphics engine to give life to games under the Vulkan API, which would allow them to develop a game that not only works in Windows 10, but also on Linux, Mac, Android or PlayStation 4 without performing extra work. Now let’s see whether more developers will actually take advantage of Crytek’s engine!

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