AMD launched the promised graphics driver Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.1, which remedied the problem found in the Radeon RX 480 reference version. In this new driver Radeon RX 480’s power distribution has been improved for AMD reference boards, lowering the current drawn from the PCIe bus. The solution to the problem was quite simple, limit consumption of the graphics card, but if you are thinking that translates into losing performance then you’re wrong.

Crimson Software Radeon Edition 16.7.1: PCI-e power draw issue Fixed, increased performance

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AMD also announced that this new driver incorporate performance enhancements for Polaris architecture, which is why, in addition to reducing power consumption, the performance of graphics card will also be increased.

For this, AMD showed a performance comparison with new Radeon Software 16.7.1 in comparison with Radeon Software 16.6.2, the first available drivers for Radeon RX 480 as Beta where we see how in all cases an improvement is achieved in performance, the most significant of up to 4.1 FPS improvement in the Total War: Warhammer, which is very friendly with DirectX 12.

Radeon Software 16.6.2 Radeon Software 16.7.1
Total War: Warhammer ‘ultra settings, 1080p 74.2 FPS 78.3 FPS
Metro Last Light, very high settings, 1080p 80.9 FPS 82.7 FPS
Witcher 3 Ultra settings, 1440p 31.5 FPS 32.5 FPS
Far Cry 4, ultra settings, 1440p 54.65 FPS 56.38 FPS
3DMark11 Extreme 22.8 FPS 23.7 FPS

Along with the solution of consumption and increased performance. The new drivers also add the new ” Compatibility Mode ” which further reduces power consumption with minimal impact on performance (off standard). The Stuttering in Grand Theft Auto: V with the RX 480, a problem of corruption found in DOOM and Hitman flickering with AMD FreeSync is also solved.

You can download the Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.1 from the following link.

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